Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surly Big Dummy Demo Bike Has Arrived!

The Surly Big Dummy that we've promised will be available for test-riding has arrived at Century Cycles! As you can see, it's not exactly ready to ride just yet. Stand by for an update here soon...

Here's a look at how the B.D. shipping carton compares to a regular bicycle:


  1. Wow thats a big box! Reminds me of the box that my Dyno Roadster came in.

    Did you get the Xtracycle stuff to go on it like the freeloader bags, v-rack, snapdeck and such to fully kit it out?

    I cant wait to borrow that for a weekend of grocery runs and such with the wife riding on the back!!

  2. I am interested in a Big Dummy. How big would you say that box is? We are stationed overseas so I don't know if it can go through the post office!

  3. Hi, Lisa! We love your interest, but you're right -- it IS a very big box and we think it's unlikely that it could go through the post office.