Monday, February 28, 2011

Century Cycles wins Quality Business Award

Century Cycles was honored recently to receive the Quality Business Award from the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce, which recognizes a business in the Cleveland, Ohio, suburb that provides high-quality products and services that contribute to the economic growth and welfare of the Rocky River community.

Owner Scott Cowan (above, center) received the award at a chamber luncheon on January 27 from Liz Manning, Executive Director of the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce, and First Federal of Lakewood's Jim Riedl, the chamber's past president.

"This is quite an honor and Century Cycles is very deserving of this recognition," said Manning.

"We are very grateful to the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce for this great honor," said Cowan. "Awards like this are a credit to our staff for their commitment and passion, as well as to our customers who trust in Century Cycles to be their locally-owned, hometown bicycle store."

Century Cycles was founded in 1992 and opened its Rocky River location in 1997. Century Cycles has a longtime tradition of community involvement and helps countless families in Rocky River and throughout Northeast Ohio enjoy bicycling all year long. In May, Century Cycles will be helping to organize and sponsor Rocky River Middle School's very first Bike To School Challenge.

Towpath Trail closed due to flooding

The National Park Service has closed the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park due to excessive flooding. The trail closure includes associated parking lots from Lock 39 Trailhead in Independence to Botzum Trailhead in Akron.

Please check in advance of travelling to the park due to multiple road closures. Please also respect all park closures for the safety of visitors, resource, and park staff. Please do not drive through moving water or designated closed areas.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend Roundup: Lots o' Cycling News & Links

Buckeye High grad (and friend of CC staffer Chris Walters) Cory Harrington will cycle from Maine to California for Bike to Build -- The Medina Post (to learn more) and Bike To Build (to donate)

Surly Bikes just updated their Frequently Annoying Questions (sic) on their blog -- Surly Spew

Behind the scenes at the 2011 Electra catalog photo shoot, plus an open casting call for anyone who wants to be in their next bike catalog -- Electra Bicycles Blog

The centerfold in the latest Bicycling Magazine is hot -- Raleigh Bicycles

Up to $6 million will make bridge bike-friendly: ODOT will put multiuse path on Lorain-Carnegie Bridge -- The Plain Dealer

Ryan from Ride4Water started in his epic bike ride in Akron and just reported in from Panama this past Thursday...that his bike was stolen -- Ride4Water

Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham: Spina Bifida, a BMX background, and a whole lot of determination -- (Vimeo)

Bike trail funding recently survived 583 amendments in Congress -- DC Streets Blog

Tara Llanes (mountain bike champion and now parapalegic) previewed her short film for Giant Bicycles and they shared the link with us -- PinkBike

Did you know this summer's 7-day Register's Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) has a nearly identical amount of climbing as this summer's 6-day Denver Post Ride the Rockies -- both coming in at more than 21,000 feet of elevation gain?? -- BikingBis

Adventure Cycling tipped us off to this online game, Armchair Bike Touring, complete with flat tires, broken spokes and trail angels -- Bike Touring Tips

Jack Arnold from Montville, Ohio, is pedaling from California to Florida to raise money and awareness for a cure for mitochondrial disease, which his granddaughter has (and her twin recently died of the disease) -- Pedal from the Pacific

Our favorite Super Bowl ad was the one with the high-wheeler bicycles -- YouTube

And do women really pine for a cycling shoe like this?!

(Tip Thanks: Chris Walters, Mike Petcher, Kevin Madzia, Adventure Cycling. Follow us on Twitter @CenturyCycles for daily news and links.)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The greatest cycling movie ever made?

After we came up with the idea of "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" for the theme of our free spring party this year (or, rather, after the Rocky River crew came up with the idea and we all agreed it was great), we started doing our Pee-Wee research.

That's when we found a pretty convincing article in Bicycling Magazine last year that argued it is the greatest cycling movie ever made. Sure, it's weird -- some would even say creepy -- but the writer points out that "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" is ultimately about really, really loving a bicycle and how many of us can really, really identify with that:
While the other [movie] classics celebrate cycling as a sport or use it as a metaphor for broader lessons, Pee-wee's Big Adventure is simply the most loving movie tribute ever made to owning a bike. We're not talking about breezy "I love my bike" love. We're talking deep, obsessive, freaky, alarming-to-friends-and-pets bike love. Anyone who has ever salivated over a bike in a shop to the point where a clerk has asked them to leave the premises, who has ever fetishistically polished a frame until he could see his reflection's reflection, who has confided in a favorite bike like an intimate friend, can relate to Reubens's brightly colored fantasy. It explores the bizarre emotional bond between rider and bike better than any film. If you think that makes me crazy, I have just one question: I know you are, but what am I?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Film line-up for Cleveland stop of Banff Mountain FF World Tour

Journey to exotic locations, paddle the wildest waters, climb the highest peaks and see a beautiful celebration of the bicycle when you attend the 2011 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour in Cleveland on April 15 and 16 at the Masonic Temple. On The Edge Films has just announced the film line-up (notice it's a different line-up each night) and you can buy advance tickets for one or both nights at Century Cycles -- we're the event's exclusive bike store sponsor. More ticket and event details here. See you there!

Life Cycles
Canada, 2010, 14 minutes
Directed and Produced by Ryan Gibb and Derek Frankowski
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Mountain Biking
Filmed in Ultra HD, Life Cycles provides some of the most visually stunning images the mountain sports world has ever seen. It's a beautiful celebration of the bicycle, and is sure to amaze anyone who has ever ridden one.

Parking Garage: Beyond the Limit
USA, 2008, 4 minutes
Directed by: John Dabrowski
Produced by: Mark Odlum
Classification: Some adult references
Focus: Humor
A spoof of the Discovery Channel Show, Everest: Beyond the Limit.

Crossing the Ditch
Best Film on Exploration and Adventure
Australia, 2009, 55 minutes
Produced by Greg Quail, Douglas Howard & Justin Jones
Website: and
Classification: General - coarse language
Focus: sea-kayaking, human adventure
Spanning 2200 kilometres between Australia and New Zealand, the Tasman Sea is one of the world's deadliest and most treacherous oceans. No one had ever successfully navigated the Tasman by kayak, although many had tried. Crossing the Ditch tells the story of two young Australians, James Castrission and Justin Jones, who battle ten-metre towering waves, massive storms, shark-filled seas, and strong currents to conquer the Tasman Sea.


Into Darkness
USA, 2010, 15 minutes
Directed and Produced by John Waller
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Caving
Into Darkness is a short adventure essay about the experience of exploring the secret underworld of caves. The images and sounds of spectacular and remote wilderness caves will reveal a fantastic world unlike anything we experience on the surface.

Last Paradise
(Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour edit)
New Zealand, 2010, 26 minutes
Directed and Produced by Clive Neeson
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Human Adventure / Extreme Sports: Surfing, Skiing and others
In the remote wilderness of New Zealand, when necessity was the mother of invention, a maverick bunch of kids concocted a dream that they would one day share with the world. In Last Paradise, through 45 years of stunning original footage we relive the journey of legendary extreme sports pioneers on the roads less travelled.

Dream Result
(Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour edit)
People's Choice Award, Radical Reels Night
USA, 2009, 17 minutes
Directed by Rush Sturges
Produced by Tyler Bradt
Classification: General - coarse language
Focus: Whitewater kayaking
A group of top athletes and friends are driven by passion to explore the limits of possibility. Expeditions to Norway and a quest for waterfalls throughout Argentina and the US are all part of the program in Dream Result - so hang on for the ride!

Rush Hour Dream
Germany, 2009, 5 minutes
Directed and Produced by Kerim Jaspersen and Christian Menn
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Paragliding, Environment
An office worker in Düsseldorf, Germany, has a Rush Hour Dream in the tramway on his way to work and wakes up on a beautiful mountainside to discover that he is carrying a paraglider in his laptop.

The Fall LineUSA, 2010, 13 minutes
Directed and Produced by Tyler Stableford
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Downhill skiing / Human story
After losing his legs in a grenade blast in Iraq, 101st Airborne Ranger Heath Calhoun endures a tortuous recovery. Years later, the Virginia native finds freedom in an unlikely location: on the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado. Calhoun discovers a talent for ski racing and earns a chance to represent his country again - as an athlete on the 2010 Paralympics ski team. With a gold medal in the balance, Calhoun commits everything to the challenge.

Miracle in the Storm
Australia, 2009, 52 minutes
Directed by Nial Fulton
Produced by Guy Norris and Leo Faber
Classification: General - coarse language
Focus: Paragliding, Human Story
In 2007, German paraglider Ewa Wisnierska created history when she survived a harrowing encounter with the fury of nature's power. After being sucked into a massive thunderstorm and pulled up to 10,000 meters, her body faced a multitude of life-threatening forces, including low oxygen, freezing temperatures, and wild weather conditions. There is no exaggeration in the title of Miracle in the Storm - Wisnierska managed to navigate her way out of the storm and survive.


Kranked Kids - Just down the road
Canada, 2010, 4 minutes
Directed and Produced by Bjørn Enga
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Mountain biking/humour
Kranked Kids - Just down the road is a delightful four-minute coming-of-age mountain bike parody.

Eastern Rises
Best Film on Mountain Sports
USA, 2010, 38 minutes
Directed by Ben Knight
Produced by Travis Rummel
Website: and
Classification: Parental guidance - coarse language
Focus: Fly-Fishing, Environment, Culture
The Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East may as well be the end of the earth. Its enormously wild landscape is swarming with bugs and bears and threaded with rivers full of massive mouse-eating trout. In the stunning film Eastern Rises, fishing is poetry, Bigfoot lurks in the fog, and fishermen risk life and limb in decommissioned Cold War helicopters to explore rivers that have never been fished before.

The Swiss Machine
USA, 2010, 20 minutes
Produced by Nick Rosen and Peter Mortimer
Classification: Parental Guidance - coarse language
Focus: Climbing / Mountaineering
Ueli Steck may be the greatest speed alpinist the world has ever seen. In The Swiss Machine, Steck tells of his record-breaking ascents in the Alps, accompanied by stunning aerial footage that captures him racing up 2500-metre alpine faces. When he joins Alex Honnold in Yosemite, Steck sets his ultimate goal: to take his one-man alpine speed game to the largest, highest walls in the world.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Closed Today

We are CLOSED today for a staff retreat. We apologize for any inconvenience and will return tomorrow -- even better able to serve you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What We Ride: Rich Oettinger and his Giant Reign 1

Rich Oettinger, from the Century Cycles store in Peninsula, loves to mountain bike and he loves doing it on his 2010 Giant Reign 1. Learn more about Rich and his bike, including how he has customized it to suit his riding, in this article.

Friday, February 18, 2011

5 Tips: Bicycling Jargon You Should Know

The sport of cycling, like all hobbies, has its own language. In addition to all of the technical names of components, there are slang expressions that have come into use through history and tradition. A complete cycling dictionary could be a day-long reading project, but if you want to get started with a few essential items, check out these five:

1. Drivetrain: One of our customers said, "When I hear you mention the drivetrain of my bike, I just space out, because that makes me think of part of the transmission on my car." Actually, that analogy is appropriate, because we use the term drivetrain to refer to the collection of parts on your bike that actually make it "go." The chain, crankset, chainrings, bottom bracket, and cassette or freewheel are all considered part of the drive train. Sometimes the front and rear derailleurs are included, and sometimes the shifters as well. We refer to the drivetrain as a unit, because all of the parts need to be maintained well in order for the whole system to work together well. Learn more about the different parts of your bike in these past TechTalk articles, Bike Components for Beginners and Freewheels vs. Freehubs.

2. Clipless Pedals: Contrary to what it sounds like, the term clipless refers to the type of pedals that have a mechanism that attaches to your shoes to hold your feet in place on the pedals. The older style of pedal that has a cage and strap that surrounds your foot is referred to as a "toe clip," so the term "clipless" was adopted to distinguish the newer style from the cage-and-strap style. If you're still confused, you're not alone, but it's just one of those things you have to get used to. You can learn more about the different types of pedals in this TechTalk article, Choosing Pedals.

3. Fork: The fork is the part of your bike that holds the front wheel in place. Don't call it the "forks;" your bike only has one fork, consisting of two "fork legs." If you've got a mountain bike or hybrid, you might have a "suspension fork," meaning that it's got a shock absorber; otherwise, you've got a "rigid fork." The uppermost part of the fork is the "steerer tube;" it runs through the inside of the frame and connects to your stem and handlebar to allow you to turn your front wheel. The set of ball bearings that let the steering happen smoothly is called the "headseat;" learn more about headsets in this TechTalk article, Beginner's Guide to Headsets.

4. Cadence: For these last two items, we're getting away from the parts of the bike and talking about the actual activity of cycling. Cadence refers to how fast your feet are pedaling around, measured in revolutions per minute (RPMs). This is different, but related to, the speed that your bike is actually traveling. Your goal as you pedal and shift into different gears is to select a gear that allows you to maintain a consistent cadence as the terrain varies. For most people, and ideal cadence for fast fitness cycling is around 85-95 RPM. Learn more about how speed, cadence, and gears are related in this helpful video tip, How to Select the Right Gear.

5. Out of the Saddle: The saddle is another word for "seat." Those in the know call it a saddle, but you can call your bike's seat a seat; that's okay! "Out of the saddle" is the expression used for when you are standing up and pedaling with your butt hovering above the seat. This is a good and sometimes necessary thing to do, either to get an extra burst of power when you get going after stopping at a traffic light, or to muscle your way up a steep hill. Even if you don't have a need for speed, getting out of the saddle every few miles during a long, casual ride helps to keep your legs loose and keep the blood flowing through your own, er, seat region.

Want to learn more bike jargon? Check out this helpful Glossary of Cycling Terms on our website.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Big Year for Bike MS Pedal to the Point

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Bike MS Pedal to the Point Ride and Century Cycles' 19th year as one of the Official Event Bike Shops!

This will also be a special year because we will soon be announcing a great program we have put together with Raleigh Bicycles exclusively for riders of the Bike MS Pedal to the Point Ride. Stay tuned!

It's also a special year because it finds our fearless leader, Century Cycles owner Scott Cowan, on one of the event brochures sent to thousands of people's homes. How cool is that?! Check him out -- he's the guy right above the "Challege" on the left side, head down and pedaling his tandem bicycle with his girlfriend, Jo Laird, who is cheering their teammates to the finish line of last year's 150-mile ride. Scott rides with The Bay Rockets, a team comprised of many of the teachers, administrators and parents at Bay Village Schools who help make Bay Bike To School Challenge possible. Everyone is already gearing up for 2011 -- both Bike To School AND the MS 150!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Giant-errific Weekend in Northeast Ohio

Giant for Women will be spending this weekend in Northeast Ohio and you have two chances to make the most of their visit!

On Friday, February 18, join Jackie Baker from Giant for Women at Ray's Women's Weekend. She'll be there from 9am to 4pm with other bike pros, teaching new skills and demo'ing the Giant Anthem X1W and Giant Cypher 1 in XS, S, and M. (Like what you demo? See us for a great deal on Giants!)

On Saturday, Jackie will be at Century Cycles in Medina for "Ladies Night," including a Proper Posture, Gearing and Bike Fit Clinic from 4 to 6pm. This event is FREE and open to all who want to learn about:
  • Proper riding posture on both road and mountain bikes
  • How to choose a properly-fitting bike
  • How to fix common problems
  • How to find the right gear to make your ride more fun.
This clinic is open to all skill levels and types of riders. To attend, RSVP to the Medina Century Cycles at 330-722-7119. Refreshments will be served and all attendees will receive a 20% discounts on accessories, clothing and parts purchases that evening!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Show your bike the love!

Happy Valentine's Day! This is a good milestone to remind everyone that our winter service discounts will help you save big on showing your bike the love AND help you beat the spring rush!

Until Sunday, February 27, save $10 on a Standard Tune-Up (reg. $59.99) and save $20 on a Deluxe Tune-Up (reg. $99.99). Just mention this discount when you drop your bike off (no coupon necessary)!

Wonder what each tune-up entails? Click here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bike Radar on the Giant Defy Advanced 1

The number one online site that cyclists regularly check out is and a review of the 2011 Giant Defy Advanced 1 has just appeared. And what are those cyclists reading about the bike?

“Super-stiff, it has an appetite for altitude gain that gives you the legs of a pro on every climb. The fact it'll cruise comfortably with luxurious poise all day is recommendation enough, but when the hammer goes down, it's simply in a different class to other bikes at this price.”

“…this bike climbs with a muscular authority that none of the price rivals we rode it alongside could match. Its stiffness seems to always keep you over the front of the gear and accelerating rather than struggling to get over the top.”

“…we can only presume that this undeniable and quite clear performance advantage comes from the construction of the frame and the top-quality wheel build.”'s only real beef with the Defy Advanced 1 was that they felt the Shimano 105-level components did not justify the price tag, although they "had no complaints about the performance." However, the bike they reviewed was the UK version; the US version has Shimano Ultegra components.

You might want to check out the review right away, because you can bet that road cyclists – who are ready for the snow to melt – are probably doing so at this very moment. Then, stop by Century Cycles to check out the Giant Defy Advanced 1 for yourself -- we've got one in-stock in every store.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot Deals for Cold Days #8: Be Prepared

Avenir Handler Pro II Floor Pump
$21.49 (reg. $42.99)
Axiom Road Rider QR Seat Bag
$14.99 (reg. $29.99)
Axiom Telluride QR Seat Bag
$16.49 (reg. $32.99)
Blackburn Toolmanator 2 Multi-Tool
$13.49 (reg. $26.99)

Half-off prices valid Feb. 10 - 23, 2011 only.

Save big and be prepared!

Be prepared at home: Bike tires should be inflated before every ride, especially if you ride less than once a week. The Avenir Handler Pro II Floor Pump is one great pump that can handle all your inflation needs. It's made of heavy-duty aluminum and features a wide, stable base. The top-mounted gauge is easy to read while the universal head fits Presta and Schrader valves with no conversion. The unique handle allows for easy one- or two-handed operation.

Be prepared on the road or trail: Carry a spare tube, patch kit, tools and cell phone on every ride in case of break-down. The Axiom Road Rider QR Seat Bag (34 cubic inches) and the bigger Axiom Telluride QR Seat Bag (45 cubic inches) are perfect to hold your safety essentials. They are made of tough and water-resistant rubber-coated 600-denier polyester, feature waterproof zippers, and include reflective piping for safety. The quick-release mounts make them a snap to move from one bike to another. Blackburn's slim Toolmanator 2 mini tool contains the necessities for road and trailside repairs. Its aluminum body holds 12 tools including: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Allen wrenches, T25 and T30 Torx bits, a flat head screwdriver, 14 and 15 gauge spoke wrenches and a chain tool.

Patti The Buyer's Tip of the Day

Never inflate your bicycle tires at a gas station. The car-tire compressor delivers a large volume of air that can explode a bicycle tire in seconds. (And our mechanics replace a lot of burst tires each summer.) Click here for more essential tips and step-by-step instructions on proper bicycle tire inflation. Want to learn how to fix a flat tire and other basic bike maintenance skills? Attend one of our free clinics on March 15!

The Fine Print
This Hot Deal is good only February 10 - 23, 2011 while supplies last. In-store purchase only; no online or phone orders accepted. No coupon necessary. Cannot be combined with other offers.

This information is also available on our web site at:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How cold is (brrrr!) too cold

With temperatures dipping tonight into the very low single digits, it's a good time to go back and check in with the results of last month's poll, which asked: "How cold is too cold?"

Most Northeast Ohio bicyclists who responded (63%) aren't riding when the temperature is below freezing. For some, a little chill will keep them off two wheels -- 13% won't ride if it's below 60 degrees. Yet 16% are hardy souls who declare "I'll ride no matter what the weather is."

Big thanks to everyone who responded -- and be sure to take the current poll!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Spring Kick-Off Party: Century Cycles' Big Adventure on March 4

It's time for Century Cycles' FREE annual spring event to kick off the bicycling season in Northeast Ohio! This year we're celebrating “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” – the most funny and wonderfully weird movie tribute ever made to owning a bike.

Join us at our Rocky River store on Friday night, March 4, at 7pm to see clips from the movie, enjoy tasty drive-in snacks and beverages, get the chance to win cool prizes, dance to "Tequila" (white platform shoes optional), test your Pee-Wee trivia prowess, plus much more!

No RSVP necessary. FREE and open to everyone who -- like Pee-Wee and all of us -- really love their bicycles!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Mom to test ride a cyclocross bike

Jackie Baker from Giant For Women will be at Century Cycles on February 19 to teach a free women's clinic (click here for details and to RSVP!).

As we await her arrival in Northeast Ohio, check out Jackie's video below about how she got her 56-year-old mom, Joyce, to try a 2011 Giant TCX W cyclocross bike on the gravel rural roads that surround Joyce's home in Iowa. Jackie had a tall order in helping her mom feel comfortable and confident on a bicycle -- Joyce hadn't been on a bike in over 15 years and has never considered herself an avid cyclist -- and she succeeded.

Want to hear more bike insights and wisdom from Jackie? Join us for the clinic! Meet Jackie, hear her speak, and have time to pick her brain about the bike that's right for YOU -- no matter what your age or experience level.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Roundup: Cool news and links

A beautiful way to learn the parts of a bicycle -- The Bicycle Typogram by Aaron Kuehn (above)

15 ways (and counting) to wish a bicyclist good luck -- Century Cycles Facebook Wall

All hail the power of the Post-It to transform the Cleveland Metroparks -- MelamedRiley Blog

The Bike Body: Working With Cyclists -- Massage Today

Brian "Sally" Fornes: Drinking, Single Speed Racing, and Repping for Raleigh Bicycles -- The Bicycle Story

How to live the winter bicycling dream -- Treehugger

Don't fear riding a bicycle, fear sitting in that chair -- (Grist, via Bikes Belong)

Winter Biking Primer -- Streetfilms

Still up for resolving something? Here are 10 Green New Year's Resolutions -- TLC

(Thanks for the tips: Darin Hintz, Sean Burkey, Diane Taylor, and our Twitter tweeps. Got a tip? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter, or email us at

Friday, February 4, 2011

The cure for those winter hat blues

Already sick of your current winter hat? With the weather we've been having, you've been wearing it damn near every day and it's probably not the chapeau-wearing pleasure it once was.

Time to get something new -- something you can wear to the coffee shop or shoveling snow (but also under your bike helmet), something that comes in cool colors (but is also reversible for the days you hate that color), and something that is Hot Deal priced at 50% off (but only thru February 9, along with two best-selling bike helmets.).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day is almost here....

...and we can't think of anything more romantic than the gift of the open road.  Roses are out, Electra Bikes are IN!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Century Cycles hosts free bike clinics on March 15

The free, one-hour Basic Bike Maintenance Clinic scheduled in our Peninsula store on February 12 is now full. However, since this free clinic is so popular and is in such strong demand, we've decided to schedule it in all three Century Cycles stores -- Medina, Peninsula, and Rocky River -- on Tuesday, March 15, at 6:30 p.m. Same clinic, same time, all three stores. How easy is that?

Just RSVP for the clinic at the Century Cycles most convenient to you and you will learn the most essential skills you need to know -- including how to change a flat tire, how to clean and lubricate your chain, all the different parts of a bicycle, and how to do a pre-ride safety check.

Light refreshments will be served and attendees will receive a 20% discount on regularly-priced parts, tools, clothing, and accessories purchased immediately following the class. (You do NOT need to bring your own bicycle to this clinic.)

The clinics are FREE but please call us to reserve your place since space is limited:

Medina (1079 North Court Street): Call 330-722-7119
Tuesday March 15, 2011, 6:30pm

Peninsula (1621 Main Street/Rt. 303): Call 330-657-2209
Tuesday March 15, 2011, 6:30pm

Rocky River (19955 Detroit Road): Call 440-356-5705
Tuesday March 15, 2011, 6:30pm

(Photo by Mike Petcher: Tom Wiseman teaching the Basic Bike Maintenance Clinic in Medina on January 11.)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Take our poll -- how much work do YOU do?

How much maintenance do you do on your own bicycle? Click here to vote in our latest online poll!

Your options range from "everything!" to "nothing" with three choices in-between. Speaking of your poll choices, Lisa emailed us to say:

Love the on-line poll, but there's no selection for "fabulous boyfriend who takes care of all my bikes" :-)

Lisa, we will keep your fabulous boyfriend in mind for the next poll -- we promise!!