Sunday, February 14, 2010

What the?

Use a Honda leaf blower motor to drive your bicycle?

A customer in the Century Cycles store in Peninsula brought in a hub and rim for Derrick to rebuild into a new wheel. The rim was unmarked with any brand name or model, and the hub was unrecognizable, other than an unfamiliar web site address. This make picking the right spoke lengths a little more challenging than usual, involving taking measurements and making calculations, instead of the usual just looking it up in a database.

Once that was done, the wheel came together without a problem. However, we got curious, and looked up the web site from the hub. Turns out, it's a company that specializes in motorized bicycles and parts to adapt motors to standard bicycles and other equipment. The photo gallery on the site was a real treat, showing the likes of these Frankenstein-like creations, among others:

You can check out more at:

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