Monday, February 1, 2010

New Product: Bar Mitts

Just in time for the single-digit temperatures and sub-zero wind chills we've been having here in Northeast Ohio lately, we can now get Bar Mitts by special-order for our dedicated customers who ride in all conditions.

Bar Mitts are a solution to the problem of how to keep your hands warm, without losing the dexterity you need to operation your shifters and brakes. A thinner pair of gloves let your hands work normally, but don't provide as much warmth. A thick, insulated pair of gloves keep the elements out, but can leave your fingers fumbling around to find the right gear.

Bar Mitts are made of a layer of neoprene and nylon laminate that keeps the wind, cold, snow, and rain out. They wrap around the ends of your handlebars, and you just wear whatever type of glove you want on your hands, then insert your hands into the Bar Mitts!

Bar Mitts come in three versions:
  • A Mountain/Commuter version that works with mountain bikes, hybrids, cruisers, and other bikes with a flat or upright handlebar.
  • A Shimano Road version that works with drop handlebars and most Shimano integrated shift/brake levers that have the cable coming out of the side of the lever.
  • A Campy/SRAM/Dura-Ace Road version works with drop handlebars and integrated brake/shift lever that have internal cable routing (Campagnolo, SRAM, and some of the newest Shimano Dura-Ace).
Some people call them "pogies," and they've been around for a while in other versions for kayaking and cross-country skiing.

Order yours today; $64.95 per pair!
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