Friday, February 19, 2010

More magazine coverage for Electra Bicycles

Following on the heel's of yesterday's post that featured an Electra, Giant, and Raleigh bicycle recommended in Women's Health magazine, Electra Bicycles hits it big with two more mentions in swanky style-oriented publications.The February issue of Indulge Magazine says, "For a whimsical way to roll, hop on the polka-dotted, turquoise Electra Jenny cruiser with three speeds." We've got one IN STOCK in our Rocky River store; $519.99.
C ("California Style") magazine of March 2010 features a model cruising along the beach on an Electra Amsterdam model very similar to the Electra Women's Amsterdam Sport 3, which we've got in stock in Red, also in Rocky River.
Check out these heels! No wonder she can't keep her feet on the pedals...

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