Thursday, February 25, 2010

50% Off ALL In-Stock Tires and Inner Tubes - Hot Deal #9

50% Off ALL In-Stock Tires and Inner Tubes!

For our FINAL Hot Deal of the season, we're making it easier for you to put the Cold Days behind you and get ready for Warm Days! Nothing makes an old bike feel like new more than a brand new pair of tires. We've got tires in stock for road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, etc. You can take 50% off the price of any tires that we have in stock! And, we're also giving you 50% off inner tubes, so now's the perfect time to replace those old patched tubes and stock up on spares!

If you're not handy with changing your own tires, we'll also do the work for you, at our normal labor rates.

Patti The Buyer's Tip O' The Day

Tires can last from a year to a couple of years; the wear you'll get out of them depends a lot upon the conditions you ride. The best thing to do is to check them periodically. If the outside edge looks flattened down rather than round, or if you can see any exposed wire or fibers on the sidewalls, it's definitely time to re-tire! Even if there are no obvious signs of wear, the rubber compounds used in tires harden after several years, which gives you a more harsh ride, not to mention less grip and less traction.

If you've been riding your bike on an indoor trainer all winter, your rear tire is sure to be due for replacement. Even when riding outside, the rear tire wears out faster than your front, since that's where most of your weight is. However, you shouldn't swap your front and rear tires to help them wear evenly; you always want your best tire on the front, because your front tire plays the biggest role in helping you maintain control in slippery conditions.

It's safest to replace both tires at the same time, but if you must save a few bucks, move your front tire to your rear wheel and put a new tire on your front wheel.

The Fine Print: Hot Deal #9 is good only Febuary 25 through March 10, 2010; In-stock items only, while supplies last. In-store purchase only; no online or phone orders accepted. No coupon necessary.

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Want to score a great deal on tires AND a tune-up? Bring your bike in by February 28 and COMBINE this Hot Deal with our tune-up discounts!

Want to learn how to change your own tires? We're continuing our FREE Flat Tire Clinics on Monday nights on March 1 and March 8, then moving to Thursday nights beginning March 18!

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