Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Results from last week's Rock and Roll Trainer Night Ride

There's still ONE MORE CHANCE left for you to join us for a Rock and Roll Trainer Night Ride! Tomorrow night, Wednesday, Feb. 10, 7-9pm at the Winking Lizard in Peninsula!

Here are the photos, video, and results from last week's ride:

Doug Charnock4320.66
Tracey Bradnan1860.41
Chip Warren4420.60
Andrea Chisnell2900.60
Sean Burkey6640.70
Al Graf3200.63
Mark Slater3500.45
Kevin "Kevlar" Madzia6120.74
Brent "The Destroyer" Forrer4670.69
Bob Cook4190.58
Mike Frastaci3870.51
Bonnie Borosky2000.41
Steve Harsch4240.73
Bryan Ashman4670.80
Jerry Bradnan4170.71
Kevin Guthrie7880.69
Michelle Lemak3710.58
Kevin Kovach6290.72
Matt Obenayer3140.61
Steve Lindas4860.65
Roy While3260.66
Gary While3100.66
Mandy Kidder3730.59

The Rock and Roll Trainer Night Rides are sponsored by Century Cycles, Raleigh Bicycles, Kinetic Trainers, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and The Winking Lizard Tavern.

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