Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Trizophrenia" on two wheels

Jef Mallett's bicycle was custom-painted over the winter and you'll be able to check it out at the party on Friday night, too.

Don't think spending Friday night with Jef will be quite enough time? You can follow him on Twitter, read his blog, or friend him on Facebook -- all the modern ways to stalk a perfectly nice author/cartoonist.


  1. Do you think it's time I have my bike custom-painted with "Mars Girl" along the down tube? ;) Maybe my next bike... Or if I can get some Surly lettering decals, I could put Mars Girl across the top tube... Hmmm....

  2. If you order the Surly Instigator, Long Haul Trucker, and Karate Monkey sticker sets, you'll have enough letters to spell "Mars Girl" in all caps, although the fonts may not match up completely...

  3. Either that would look really funky... or really weird... ;)