Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Current Surly Stock

As promised (thanks to Fatty McBastard), the Surly Big Dummy is in stock and ready to test ride at the Century Cycles store in Rocky River, Ohio.

Here's an update on what Surly Bikes we currently have in stock:

  • Cross-Check, 52cm, Beef Gravy Brown
  • Long Haul Trucker, 58cm (700C wheels), Blue Velvet


  • Cross-Check, 54cm, Beef Gravy Brown
  • Cross-Check, 56cm, Gloss Black
  • Long Haul Trucker, 56cm (700C wheels), Truckaccino

Rocky River:

  • Big Dummy, 18in, Military Green
  • Cross-Check, 62cm, Misty Mountain Grey
  • Long Haul Trucker, 52cm (26-inch wheels), Truckaccino

As always, if you want to try any of them out in the store that's nearer to you, give us a call, and we can send it over at no extra cost or obligation on your part.


  1. HAHA!!! Noted! That thing looks great. I cant wait to take it for a spin. Perhaps even borrow it for a day and load it with family/groceries? We'll see.

    BTW, I like the link to my LoBP profile!

  2. Surlys rock. I'm so oggling over here...