Monday, March 8, 2010

Jef Mallett adds "Frazz" artwork to Rocky River bathroom wall

In what appears to be the continuation of a new tradition for all special guests at the Century Cycles store in Rocky River, Jef Mallett added his signature to the bathroom wall at the conclusion of the Friday Night with Frazz event last week.

Back in 2006, Bob Roll signed the wall, with a George-Washington-esque description of his accomplishments at the location:

Jef Mallett drew his "Frazz" character underneath, appropriately holding an umbrella to protect himself from Bob Roll's--well, you get the idea...

We've updated the event photo album with lots of photos from the entire evening:

Thanks to Doug, Petch, and Kevin for all of the pictures.

1 comment:

  1. You guys always throw the best parties! ;) Looking forward to a great year of cycling and spotting my favorite mechanics at local events... And, unfortunately, I will no longer be able to race Scott up hills on our tandems... (until I find that special captain and, um, a tandem, which I know you guys can help me with, should that day ever come).

    Love the bathroom signatures!!! That's my kind of humor.