Sunday, March 28, 2010

Share your Towpath Trail stories

The Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition wants help sharing the wonders of the Towpath Trail. They are asking for your stories, experiences and memories of the Towpath Trail so they can share them with other friends and supporters. They want to hear about:

  • How the Towpath Trail motivated you to walk more and lose weight -- and how much you lost.
  • A time hiking or biking the Towpath Trail which let you spend an afternoon with your family and friends.
  • What kind of wildlife you saw and experienced along the Towpath Trail.
  • Your favorite place to walk or bike along the trail.
  • Your favorite spot to stop and relax.

If you get back to them quickly, your story may be featured on their website or in their newsletter. Please email all stories to Sarah Gibbs at

(Hat tip to Petch, who already submitted a few of his Towpath Trail stories, for this info. Photo by Doug Charnock.)

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