Tuesday, March 9, 2010

News Update: Bikes on bridges and bikes on trains

  • Gov. Ted Strickland has jumped into the fray over whether to add a bike lane to the planned Inner Belt Bridge project, ordering ODOT to study it again. (The Plain Dealer)

  • Bicycles are being factored in for another local transportation project. One of our customers, John from Seville, was listening to a radio show about proposed passenger trains in Ohio. When he emailed to ask if train passengers could bring their bikes, he got a personal response from Stu Nicholson at the Ohio Rail Development Corporation: "Yes! We will be encouraging communities with station stops to provide accomodations for bicycles and we will also allow bikes on trains. I ride myself, and I would love to be able to do that." (Sound of Ideas on WCPN)

  • Road trip! Brompton Folding Bike Championships will be held March 20 in Philly. (Treehugger)

  • We always knew our customer Lynne "Less talk, more monkey" Nagy was a Fashion Flash. (The Plain Dealer)

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