Sunday, August 31, 2008

In the news: 2009 Bianchi Pista, gasless vacations, tracking Ray and Kevin

The blogs are a-blaze with news of a flat-bar Bianchi Pista for 2009. -- Urban Velo

"Some racers wore Boy Scout uniforms. Other wore pajamas, a full-body neon skinsuit, bunny ears or fishnet tights. Men willing to do the entire race in briefs received special prizes....In general riders are encouraged not to take the race too seriously, as evidenced by race numbers made of paper plates and a kiddy pool filled with beer." An excerpt from a story about last week's Single Speed World Championship, won by Giant pro rider Carl Decker. -- New York Times: "Single-Speed Race for Multitude of Pedaling Eccentrics"

"At the headquarters of Giant, the island-based bicycle maker, Antony Lo said that if gasoline prices remain high worldwide, government transportation policies will have to change. Then, he said, everyday cycling will sweep across the United States, and later China and India." -- Washington Post: "For bicyclists, a widening patchwork world: As oil prices rise, U.S. lags behind two-wheeled boom in rest of world"

"Eco-travelers have long embraced low-impact travel, biking from campsite to campsite or taking cross-country jaunts on buses powered by veggie oil to make a point. But the high cost of fuel is inspiring more mainstream travelers to embrace a new kind of road trip this year -- the gasless vacation." The article includes a few brief trip profiles and online resources for planning your own gas-free vacation. -- New York Times: "Vacation Plans That Avoid the Pump"

Speaking of bicycling from campsite to campsite, Kevin and Ray are now in Kentucky. Check out their trip blog for a picture of them by the world's biggest Louisville Slugger, plus now you can track their trip progress via satellite thanks to Spot Satellite Personal Tracker. -- Miles4Melanoma
Photo source: Urban Velo

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