Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Electra Pink Sweetheart goes to Idaho

And then there were none. Back on August 10, I wrote a post that Century Cycles was down to one Electra Pajama Party Pink Sweetheart cruiser bike in stock, having sold the other one to Jan in California. Well, now the last one is gone, sold and shipped to Ellen in Boise, Idaho. Beth, Ellen's daughter, e-mailed us the whole story:

My mom is so excited about her bike.....just so you know the story....

We were on vacation this past weekend in Yellowstone and saw a girl with the bike...we asked her where she got it and she said a bike shop in Montana....we then started the hunt...our bike shop in Idaho informed us that it was no longer available and would not be in the 2009 line of Electra' then I went to work and started google-ing....I found the blog about Jan in California and found your bike shop! I am so happy and my mom (Ellen) is just tickled "pink" and waiting for her PJ Party Pink 3 to arrive!

We're tickled pink, too! And just because we're out of Pink Sweethearts doesn't mean we don't have a lot of other great Electras (cool fashion cruisers! Townies! Amsterdams!) to put smiles on the faces of bike-riders from here to, well, Idaho.

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