Friday, August 29, 2008

Scott's ride to Put In Bay: Bridge detour in Lorain

Some of you may know that volleyball holds a place in Scott Cowan's heart almost as big as bicycling. (Note that very important almost!) Last Friday, he got to combine both, when he rode his bike to Put In Bay for a volleyball tournament. Here's a quick summary of the ride, which includes some helpful information about a detour around the draw bridge in Lorain, should any of you be riding that way any time soon.
The PIB ride was great...57 miles on Friday from the RR store to Sandusky...1:00 jet express that left at 1:15...and I made it there by 1:51!! AND I got my fried balogna sandwich in Vermilion at the Soda Shoppe! Medium cross/headwind till Huron, then cross tailwind (much needed to make it in time)! I played 11 hard games of vball in the 90 degree sun all day Saturday. I had a nice tailwind on the way home...90 degrees, sun, drizzle, and clouds...very relaxing ride!

The draw bridge is UP in Lorain, and the detour (unmarked) is about 4 miles total...easy to follow the closest road to the river (both east and west sides) south to Route 611. The bitch is the BRIDGE across the river is very tall, deceptively steep, super busy, narrow, and fast traffic...with little or no berm! I did realize on the way back that the North side of the bridge had a narrow sidewalk which I will probably use if I have to do it again. It was the biggest hill by far that I had to climb on the ride.

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