Thursday, August 21, 2008

6 reasons to go to Walk+Roll this Sunday

1. Give Century Cycles' own Ray Query and Kevin Madzia an enthusiastic BUEN VIAJE! Wish them a great trip at noon, when they have a grand departure from Walk+Roll for their 15,000-mile bicycle trip to Tierra de Fuego, Argentina. Click here for their departure day details, which also tells you how you can ride with them for part of the day and gets you on their trip website for more information and to donate to Miles4Melanoma.

2. Be the change you want to see happen. Bummed out the Cleveland area is not more bike-friendly? Would love to have more bicycling events to participate in? Then support the ones we already are blessed to have, like Walk+Roll.

3. Show your "Define your life" pride and spread the good bike word! Wear your Century Cycles "Define your life. Ride a bike." t-shirt or baseball cap to Walk+Roll. If I see you while I'm there, I'll take your picture for the blog and give you a sticker or pin to add to your "Define your life" collection.

4. Enjoy the Cultural Gardens. Too many of us have lived in Cleveland all our lives and never experienced these gems -- and we have Walk+Roll, among other forces, to thank for their renaissance. Click here for a PD article on the gardens.

5. Be like the big guys. NYC just shut down 7 miles of streets in Manhattan for a similar event, Portland did one in June, and San Francisco's is next month. But which city was the FIRST ONE in the U.S.?? Walk+Roll in Cleveland! Kudos to organizer Lois Moss for her vision.

6. Oh, yeah -- it's fun. See you Sunday!

For more event details, go to Walk+Roll's website.


  1. Thanks for passing on the info on Miles4Melanoma, both a worthy cause and an awesome undertaking for Kevin and Ray!

  2. I'll see you guys there! I've got to make a quick stop at the JCB Biathlon first though. At least I'm hoping it will be a quick stop; we'll have to see how I do on the 5k portion. ;)