Thursday, January 21, 2010

Results from last night's first Rock and Roll Trainer Night Ride

Congrats to Kevin Guthrie (above), who is being presented with a Sierra Nevada t-shirt by Raleigh's own Sean Burkey. Kevin was the cyclist with the highest wattage -- 711 -- at last night's Rock and Roll Trainer Night Ride. Special kudos also go to Eric Anderson and Meghan Karchefsky (below); Eric rode .79 miles in two minutes to register the farthest distance for the men, while Meghan blew all the women out of the water with a wattage of 382 and .59-mile distance.

The night's complete results are below. Many thanks to everyone who came, rode, had fun, and helped the CVNPA! And thanks, too, for keeping the puke bucket empty (at least thus far). You are now the experienced folks who know how LONG two minutes can really be.

Want to join the fun? Think you can beat these numbers? Want REALLY good odds for winning a Raleigh Special bicycle?? Then join us next Wednesday, January 27 (or February 3 or February 10), for the next Rock and Roll Trainer Night Ride! Riding isn't mandatory, but every donation to the CVNPA sure helps, and the Winking Lizard will probably even sell you a beer (or two).

Kevin Guthrie711.75
Sean Burkey704.75
Rich Oettinger667.78
Jeffrey Wissler622.65
Jim Bowker622.68
Eric Johnson602.79
Neil Adams536.67
Rick Garcia483.74
Meghan Karchefsky382.59
Jerry Bradnan382.68
Doug Charnock373.71
Bob Cook312.6
Scott Cowan288.64
Derrick (w/ beer in hand)284.61
Tracey Bradnan167.42
Melissa Guthrie127.59

The Fine Print: Photos by Doug Charnock from Century Cycles. Due to technical difficulties, Raleigh Specials will not be used for riding at the RnRTNR -- they have been replaced by the Raleigh Venture 4.0, which will also level the playing field (you just can't get into that racing position) but are still fun, dammit.

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  1. This looks kind of fun... Maybe I'll come out next week... Hmmm....