Thursday, January 14, 2010

A rack to really envy

OK, if my post from two days ago about my latest rear cargo rack adventures didn't give you a case of rack envy (and by golly it should have), get a load of this new item that I just came across. It's the Campee 27 Rear Rack by Nitto.

So I guess the idea with those large frames on the bottom is to give you the option to carry your rear panniers low-rider style. This keeps your center of gravity lower to the ground, which improves the handling of a fully-loaded touring bike.

Nitto is a Japanese manufacturer that makes pricey, yet very high-quality components, best known for their old-school stems and handlebars.

At $324.99, this rack is not going to be on my shopping list any time soon, but if you're REALLY serious about hauling some serious gear on your bike, should it be on your list?

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