Friday, January 22, 2010

In The News: Ray's MTB and Rock and Roll Trainer Night Rides

Ray's MTB indoor mountian bike park was featured in the Friday section of today's Plain Dealer. In addition to being a place where hardcore mountain bikers can hone their skills during the witner, writer Chuck Yarborough calls Ray's "a good place for family entertainment."

Chuck Yarborough is best known for his "On The Job Training" stories, where he spends a day doing various local jobs and writes a column about it. Back in 2008, he spent a day as our rental bike guy in Peninsula. You can read about it here.

His story about Ray's MTB includes this video, as well as a slide show of photos from Ray's, and lots of other reasons that Ray's is a gem of Cleveland, and what makes it a destination for travelers from around the world. You can read the full article on

Indoor BMX Park

In other bike-related news, a big THANKS to the following publications for mentioning our Rock and Roll Trainer Night Rides:

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