Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Surlys Galore

'Tis the season for Surly Bikes! Chock it up to an emerging new trend, or the demand for practical touring and commuting bikes, but this year, we've probably sold more Surly bikes than every other year put together!

We've updated the main Surly page on our web site with the latest frames and colors. You can also check out our Bike Gallery pages for photos of Surlys and other custom-built bikes that we've put together for our customers.

For those of you who know what you want and want it asap, you can even order a complete Surly bike online and pick it up at any of our three stores: the Cross-Check, Long Haul Trucker, or Steamroller. If you're unsure, at the moment we have two complete Surlys in stock, a 54cm Cross-Check in Gloss Black, and a 56cm Long Haul Trucker in Olive Green. Give us a call to verify which store they're currently in, and come test ride!

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