Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sizzle at the Twin Sizzler

One of the area's favorite traditional bike events is coming this Friday, the Medina YWCA's July4 Twin Sizzler Race.

You can enter the 5K or 10K running race/walk, bike race, or both.

The bike race has an Expert and "Citizens" (i.e. beginner) division. It's a good, challenging 27-mile ride, and a good opportunity to test your racing chops even if you don't usually race.

You can find the full details online here. The registration link appears to be broken; I sent them an e-mail to let them know, so maybe it will be fixed soon.


  1. The map on the YWCA's website is doesn't represent the race course very well. There's a google map of the course here.

  2. I heard back from the YWCA; they said the registration link was disabled because pre-registration closed on June 28. You can register at the Grace Drake Center for the Arts on July 4.