Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Dummy is coming!

If you follow this blog or any bike blogs at all, you're probably sick of hearing about the Big Dummy frameset made by Surly Bikes. Announced two years ago, finally available (briefly) in March of this year, and not expected to be available again for another month or two from now.

Well, the Surly folks managed to squeeze a small production run in ahead of schedule, so we've got ONE 18-inch Big Dummy frame ordered and on the way. It should show up in our Peninsula store on Tuesday July 29.

Be the FOURTH known person in Ohio to own a Big Dummy--call and reserve this one today! Take it home to build in your own secret skunk works, or let us know what wheels and components you want and let us build your very own Big Dummy!


  1. Not sure if I'm Number 2, or Number 3...

  2. Dyl, when did you receive your Big Dummy? We got two Big Dummy frames in our store on Feb. 28; one for Brent and one for a customer. If you got yours before that, then you're actually the first, otherwise you're the third...

  3. Mine came in March, so I'm number 3!