Monday, February 22, 2016

How to fix a broken mount on your Garmin Edge GPS

The GPS bike computers from Garmin have become hugely popular for cyclists tracking their mileage, routes, and other statistics. An all-too common problem, however, is when the little tabs on the mounting plate get broken due to a crash, a mishap on a bike rack, or something to that effect.

All is not lost, however, if this happens. Your $300+ accessory can be saved with a product called the Dog Ears GPS mounting plate. It's made of aluminum, so it's tough enough to take more bumps and bounces compared to the original Garmin mounting plate.

Tom in the Century Cycles store in Medina recently had to opportunity to try one of these out. With the help of Chris on the video camera and editing, we present to you their how-to guide for fixing the broken mount on your Garmin Edge GPS:

Click here if the video above is not appearing for you.

You can order a Dog Ears GPS mount from their web site at:

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