Saturday, February 20, 2016

Century Cycles Bicycle Fitting Services - New Options and Rates

Get Your Balance.

Do you want to ...

  • Be more comfortable on your bicycle?
  • Be more powerful and efficient on your bicycle?
  • Overcome physical challenges and injuries that are limiting your riding?
  • A personalized bicycle fitting can accomplish all of these things for you!

Century Cycles has Bicycle Fitting specialists in all three stores who are experts at fitting any type of rider on any type or brand of bike.

Century Cycles Bicycle Fitting Services include:

  • In-depth interview to learn your goals, history and any medical issues or restrictions.
  • Physical body assessment, with particular focus on feet, knees, hips, back, and neck.
  • Range of motion and flexibility tests to determine your body positioning and limitations.
  • On-bike evaluation, starting at the foot/pedal interface and moving up through the kinetic chain making changes to position and components achieve rider goals.
  • Full documentation including before/after photos and positional records.
  • Follow-up session for re-evaluation and any necessary adjustments if needed.

Services and Rates:

  • Essential Bike Fitting: $175.00 - Available at all three of our stores, this 1-1/2 hour session will accomplish the fitting goals of the casual rider up to the weekend warrior.
  • Complete Bike Fitting: $200.00 (Medina store only) - This 2-1/2 - 3 hour session with International Bike Fitting Institute certified bike fitter Tom Wiseman provides our most comprehensive fitting and is geared towards serious riders, cyclists rehabbing an injury, or anyone who will benefit from a more in-depth body and foot/pedal interface evaluation.
  • Triathlon or Time Trial Bike Fitting: $250.00 (Medina store only) - This 3 hour session with IBFI certified bike fitter Tom Wiseman pays particular attention to the unique demands placed on the competitive cyclist when riding in a triathlon or time trial position.
Call us to schedule an appointment with one our bicycle fitting experts! Medina: 330-722-7119; Peninsula: 330-657-2209; Rocky River: 440-356-5705.

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