Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Winter bicycle commuting tips from snowy Minneapolis

It sure hasn't felt like a Cleveland winter for the past few days, what with the 60-plus-degree temperatures, and a lot of you got out your bikes for a rare January ride. However, you might not just want to put them away when the temps drop later this week.

Stephen Regenold over at The Gear Junkie has a terrific blog post on top 10 tips for winter bicycle commuting. He has all sorts of ways to keep riding (and stay safe/warm) all winter long. Even better, he doesn't look to bicyclists from Portland or Seattle for his information either -- he checked in with people in Minneapolis, the #2 cycling city in the U.S. behind Portland, according to the U.S. Census. I gotta believe they know how to ride in snow, no?

We've been seeing more year-round bicycle riders (and commuters) in our stores lately, looking for winter clothing, studded tires, and the like, so we know you're out there. If you have any tips The Gear Junkie may have forgotten -- or, better yet, tips for riding locally during winter -- we'd like to hear them.

Photo credit: The Gear Junkie

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