Tuesday, September 11, 2018

ALERT: Scenic Park Bridge on Valley Parkway in Rocky River CLOSED for two weeks starting Sept. 11, 2018

ALERT: The Scenic Park Bridge on the Valley Parkway in the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation will be CLOSED for repairs for approximately two weeks, beginning on September 11, 2018. This bridge is located between the Emerald Necklace Marina and the Lakewood Dog Park.

Park visitors, commuters, and customers using our Fitness Bicycle Rental service at the Century Cycles store in Rocky River might be affected by this closure.

To get to the Rocky River Reservation and the All-Purpose Trail by bicycle from our store, we recommend the following route, using sidewalks and low-traffic back streets:

  1. From the store, turn RIGHT onto Detroit Rd (use the sidewalk).
  2. Turn RIGHT into the shopping plaza.
  3. Continue along the right side of the plaza, then straight onto Hampton Rd.
  4. Turn LEFT onto Purnell Ave.
  5. Turn RIGHT onto Wooster Rd (use the crosswalks at the busy Hilliard Blvd intersection).
  6. Turn LEFT onto Rockcliff Dr (use crosswalks).
  7. The paved bike path starts a short distance down Rockcliff Dr on the right.
  8. At the bottom of the hill on Rockcliff Dr, turn RIGHT onto the bike path at Valley Parkway to continue into the park.

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