Friday, April 20, 2018

Rocky River Bicyclists: Step Up to Support Cuyahoga Greenways!

Bike Cleveland, Bike Lakewood, and Cuyahoga Greenways are looking for help from local bicycling advocates in Rocky River!

If you weren't already aware, the Cuyahoga Greenways effort has identified a candidate regional bikeway route from the Edgewater Park bike path west through Lakewood and Rocky River and into Bay Village. There is no timetable or plan to implement this yet, and making it happen will require cooperation between local governments and regional planning.

One step that you can take right now toward making this bikeway a reality and growing momentum is extending the bike lanes from the Clifton Boulevard Extension in Lakewood across the bridge into Rocky River. We need help from local advocates in Rocky River to make this happen. These bike lanes will work toward the goal of the regional bikeway and also eliminate confusion with the changing lane configuration headed east over the bridge.

If you are interested in helping develop and communicate the vision of an Urban Trail/Greenway connecting Edgewater Park to Huntington Reservation and are willing to attend some weeknight meetings, then please contact: Ben Van Lear:

Thank you for stepping up to help in this effort. If you know of other residents and/or area advocates that can help - please share this messaging with them.

Thank you from Bike Cleveland and from Ben Van Lear - Bike Lakewood Board.

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