Monday, October 16, 2017

Ohio Trail Shuttle: New service to help touring cyclists

Looking to do an overnight trip by bicycle on the Towpath Trail, the Ohio to Erie Trail, or another of Ohio's long-distance bike trails? There's a new company providing shuttle service that can help get you to the start, or get you home from the end!

Ohio Trail Shuttle provides shuttle service for up to four bicyclists, and can create a custom ride schedule for you! Learn more at:


  1. Interesting service! I have to ask, though, are they prepared to ferry four penny farthings (i.e. their logo) to/from the trail?
    Serious question since The Wheelmen will descend on Oberlin in July 2018 and some riders may want such a service.

    1. Good question -- you would have to ask them directly; use the contact info listed in the post.