Thursday, October 5, 2017

New and Improved: Our suggested road bike routes

Krista's Ashtabula County Covered Bridges Ride
The "Where to Ride" section of the Century Cycles web site has been a useful resource for a number of years, for both new and experienced bicyclists alike. We have a full list of bike paths, mountain bike trails, and road cycling routes throughout Northeast Ohio.

We have recently improved the road cycling routes section, with updated maps using Ride With GPS. Previously, we posted our road biking routes using Map My Ride and Garmin Connect. Ride With GPS features a much more user-friendly design, allowing you to print cue sheets for a ride, or download the ride information to load into your own GPS device, all without having to log in or create an account.

We have routes available near each of our three stores:

In addition, the "Where We Ride" section contains some of the favorite routes of our staff, including Krista's Ashtabula County Covered Bridges Ride, Kevin's Twinsburg-Garrettsville Loop, and Cathy's Smith and Jones Parks Tour.

Please look for and heed this standard disclaimer on all of our road cycling routes pages:

Your use of this route information indicates your acceptance of all responsibility for its use. Ride safely, legally, and responsibly, and respect private property. Accessibility and suitability of roads and trails may change due to factors beyond our control; check local conditions before proceeding.

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