Monday, June 19, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 is People for Bikes' Fix-A-Flat Day!

We are approaching the dog days of summer, and to help get YOU out on your bicycle more, we're helping People for Bikes spread the word about their Bike Days of Summer!

Any day is a good day to ride a bike, but the Bike Days of Summer highlight some skills and activities to encourage you to get out and ride!

The first of the Bike Days of Summer is Tuesday, June 20, and is Fix-A-Flat Day!

Fixing a flat tire is an easy and essential skill that anyone riding a bicycle should master. Dozens of bike in your city may be sitting un-used in garages and basements just because of flat tires!

Got a bike that you have not ridden in a long time with a flat tire? There may be nothing wrong with it! Just try pumping up the tire(s), and wait a few minutes to make sure they're holding air. If they continue to feel firm ride away!

Know how to fix a flat tire? Take some time to teach a friend how to do it! Or, ask a few of your neighbors if you can fix their flats for them, then take them for a ride!

Don't know how to fix a flat tire? Ask one of your more cycling-savvy friends to teach you! You'd be surprised at how much showing up at their place with your bike and a six-pack of their favorite cold beverage will get you!

Can't find a friend to teach you? There are many online resources to take you through the process step-by-step. One of our favorites is this one from Liv Cycling!

Finally, if you need to seek professional help, the experts at all three Century Cycles stores are always ready and willing to fix your flat tires while you wait! No appointment is necessary, just stop in with your bike!

The labor charge for flat tire repairs is $8.00. Most common sizes of inner tubes are $7.99 each (some sizes are more). If you need a new tire, basic tires for adult bikes start at about $20 each; kid's bike tires even less! Sales tax is additional.

To encourage you dust off that old bike and bring it in to let us fix the tires, we're offering HALF-OFF the labor charge for flat tire repairs for Fix-A-Flat Day on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 ONLY! Use the coupon below.

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