Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Instruments of Adventure" - the latest short film presented by Salsa Cycles

Instruments of Adventure from Bjørn on Vimeo.
Five friends traverse a large swath of southern Alaska by sea kayak, fat-bike, and packraft. Through interviews and footage, shot underway, the adventurers share their experiences and reflections about their journey.
Traversing wild landscapes by human-power isn’t a quest to achieve enlightenment. You might, but that’s not the point. Counteracting a cresting wave with a high brace, wheelie dropping into a ravine, or exacting surgical execution of a discovered line through beach boulders all will cause you to lose yourself in single-minded focus and flow.
The instruments of adventure are meant to be played...ideally, with like-minded friends in primordial hinterlands.

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