Monday, June 27, 2016

The new Surly Tool Bag ... just because

A few months ago, I happened to notice a new product listing that came up on Surly Bikes' distributor web site, the Surly Tool Bag. They had not details about it; no picture, no size, what's it made of, etc. But, I figured if it says "Surly" on it, I gotta have it. So, as soon as they were available to order, I got myself one because the price was right.

I wasn't the only one who felt this way, because they were sold out in a matter of days.

Turns out, it's a nice little plastic-y bag, about 7-1/2 inches wide by 6-1/2 inches tall, with a velcro closure. I suppose the plastic would be waterproof, but velcro closure doesn't roll up, so it's not "submersible" waterproof.

It's about the right size for your emergency tool kit for those short one- or two-night tours, where you want a little more than your daily repair kit, but don't need quite the kit for an epic cross-country adventure. You know, in addition to your multi-tool and tire levers, you want to throw in a chain tool, tire boots, duct tape, bottle opener, etc.

For my recent trip from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, PA on the C&O Canal Towpath and Great Allegheny Passage trails, I found it to be perfect for carrying the assortment of device chargers and cables that I needed:
Shown with my Surly Tool Bag are a dual-outlet Apple-approved USB charger, dual-outlet generic USB charger, mini-USB charging cable for my headlight, micro-USB charging cable for my taillight, 30-pin iPad charging cable, iPhone Lightning charging cable, and CatEye GPS USB charging cradle.

Before they were completely sold out from Surly, I managed to snag a couple more for you, my dear fellow Surly fans. We have them in stock at the Century Cycles store in Peninsula; if you want to pick one up in Medina or Rocky River, just give us a call and we can make that happen.

The Surly Tool Bag - for all of your light bike-touring packing needs, whether you use it for tools, chargers, your toothbrush and floss, a couple pair of socks and underwear, heck, even your feminine products -- I don't want or need to know.

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