Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tom Wiseman is accredited by the International Bike Fitting Institute

We are proud to announce that Tom Wiseman of the Century Cycles store in Medina has passed the accreditation process to become the first bicycle fitter in the state of Ohio to become part of the International Bike Fitting Institute. Tom’s education includes two classes with Expert fitter Michael Sylvester, Serotta Personalized Certification with Greg Robidoux, and BikeFit online coursework with Dr. Kit Vogel. Over the past three years, Tom has excelled at his craft, met or exceeded all the IBFI requirements, and is now included in this elite group of acclaimed bike fitters.

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A Standard of Excellence
The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is an international organization developing a global standard for the bike fitting industry. IBFI Certification has become the standard of excellence for bike fitters all over the world, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing fitting innovation and improvements. It certifies the outstanding fitters best qualified to meet the needs of a wide variety of cyclists and promotes continuing education programs for fitters as well as cycling analysts. It also enables customers to identify the best-trained fitters in their area, thus improving the standards of the bike fitting industry and reducing the risk of a poor fit with an unqualified fitter.

The Accreditation Process
IBFI is endorsed by leading bike fitting organizations around the world, including Bike Science, BikeFit, and Medicine of Cycling. The accreditation system awards credits to fitters based on their existing skills, qualifications and amount of fitting experience. Points accrued then place fitters in one of four certification levels to reflect their level of education completed and their expertise. Certified fitters are then added to the IBFI find-a-fitter database to permit straightforward searching by prospective clients for a qualified fitter.The certification blueprint was developed by an independent panel consisting of some of the world’s leading fitters and cycling industry experts. This panel also grades and accredits applicants on their merit.

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