Friday, January 8, 2016

Get your bicycle passport for the Fandom 216 Art Exhibition

Fandom 216 is an art exhibition with a staggered opening at multiple galleries in Cleveland, beginning this Sunday, January 10.

According to

"Cleveland has a problem with professional sports and its attachment to them. Prodded by the media, the city over-identifies with its sports teams, thus tying its self-esteem to something it has no control over: whether the teams win or (more typically) lose."

The exhibition celebrates NE Ohio's much more vibrant (and more successful) sector, the arts community. The event also celebrates another growing sports activity in NE Ohio, bicycling, of course.

“Bicycling fans in the Fandom of the 216 don’t watch as other athletes perform miraculous feats,” they say. “We have not pegged our hopes to games beyond our control. The journey is our game, and in our game everyone who rides, wins.”

You can pick up your Bicycling Passport and get it stamped at all three of the Fandom 216 exhibition locations, and it's good for buy one/get one deals at participating bars and restaurants, and will earn you a free letterpress poster by Elizabeth Emery.

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