Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Now in stock: Wolvhammer and Japanther boots and other winter cycling products from 45NRTH

We've got a number of NEW products in stock in all three Century Cycles stores from winter bicycling specialists 45NRTH.
45NRTH Japanther cold weather cycling shoes
The 45NRTH Japanther is the "cool-weather" cycling shoe, great for cyclocross racing, cold weather mountain biking, fair weather commuting, and a shoe for the more hearty winter commuter. Featuring waffled foam and reflective aluminum insole to trap heat, with sculpted wool felt for arch support; real rubber sole with anti-slip micro-glass filament lugs. Compatible with Shimano SPD and other 2-bolt cleats.
45NRTH Wölvhammer winter bicycling boots
The 45NRTH Wolvhammer is the serious cold weather boot that's also compatible with SPD and other 2-bolt cleats. Note that it's completely re-designed from last year's version. Improvements over last year's are the elimination of the separate internal liner with its own laces, removal of the outer zipper, and removal of the D-ring on the strap that was hard to get the strap in and out of. It's the go-to cycling shoe for fat bikers and snow bikers, winter racers, and serious year-round commuters. Unique featuresare the NASA-designed aerogel insole to block the cold from being transmitted from the cleat to your feet, and the Vibram rubber sole (just like on your best hiking boots).
45NRTH Cobrafist Pogies handlebar mittens

The 45NRTH Cobrafist is a technically advanced handlebar mitten, or "pogie." Constructed with a durable and wind resistant 600d poly outer shell, Primaloft gold eco 400-gram insulation, and zippered vents, Cobrafist puts unrivaled comfort and control into your hands. A technical handlebar attachment system includes a foam donut that seals the handlebar and cable closure, while also keeping each pogie in an upright position. Water-resistant zipper vents on top and bottom provide temperature regulation when it gets too warm, and an inner pocket makes stowing extra food and gear simple and accessible.

Also in stock are the 45NRTH Dozer and 45NRTH Greazy cycling caps. Both made of merino wool for warmth even when wet, odor control, and natural moisture management. And when things get REALLY cold, put on the 45NRTH Lung Cookie Balaclava for full-face merino wool coverage!
45NRTH Lung Cookie balaclava
45NRTH Dozer Merino Wool cycling cap
45NRTH Greazy Merino Wool cycling cap

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