Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Now available from Century Cycles: Stages Cycling Power Sensors

Power is a measurement of the work you do on the bike, and the most accurate way to measure your effort. Unlike your heart rate, which can be widely affected by physiological influences, including: stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, temperature, time of day, dehydration and other factors, power shows exactly how much work you are doing and exactly what you are getting out of your training. Power is the perfect tool to understand how you are progressing and the best indicator of fitness gained and fatigue level. Simply put, if you want to know how you’re doing, check your power.

Now available from Century Cycles, the Stages Cycling power measurement system used proprietary strain gauges laid precisely along your bicycle's left crank arm. Installing the system is as simple as swapping the left crank arm.

With no external or moving parts, a waterproof housing, and a user-replaceable battery, Stages Power meters handle all weather conditions and all riding styles. The tiny size adds less than 20 grams, less than the weight of an energy gel.

It's compatible with both Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors, so it's compatible with most existing bike computers that support power measurement, including Garmin and Wahoo Fitness power-compatible models, and with the Stages Power App (available for both Applie iOS and Android devices).

If  you're serious about training and serious about your power on the bike, stop into your nearest Century Cycles store and talk to us about Stages Cycling!

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