Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Get your Road ID at Century Cycles

What is Road ID?

Road ID was created on the concept that cyclists and other active people should wear ID as part of their gear when participating in outdoor activities. Road ID is a durable, rugged, athletic, fashionable line of identification gear. ID should be as common and important as putting on a seat belt when getting into a car, or strapping on a bike helmet to go for a ride.

Identification is important for people of all ages. If you are a runner, cyclist, jogger, walker, hiker, climber, skater, skier, boarder, or someone who doesn't spend all of their time on the couch, then we encourage you to wear ID. Kids need ID, too, as they rarely have ID when they go out for a bike ride or walk to school.

Road ID is available in several different styles, most in several colors. The information that appears on your Road ID is completely customizable.

What are the benefits of buying Road ID from Century Cycles?
  1. In all three of our stores (in Medina, Peninsula, and Rocky River), look for the Road ID display, where you can touch, feel, and try on samples of the different styles of Road ID. That way, you can be sure before you order that you're getting the one that works best for you.
  2. Take a Road ID pamphlet from our store, which has a coupon good for FREE SHIPPING when you order your Road ID. Orders are shipped within a few days from Road ID's headquarters in Kentucky, USA.

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