Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What the Ohio Bicycle Federation is working on and how YOU can help...

Laura Faulkner is one of Century Cycles' best customers, and known throughout Northeast Ohio as one of our local cycling rock stars!

This year, she has stepped it up a notch by serving on the board of the Ohio Bicycle Federation, who are working at the state-wide level to improve cycling for all Ohioans!

Laura sends us this report about what she and the OBF have working with on with the state legislature lately:

Several bills that we worked on last legislative session have been re-introduced into the House this week:

You can find out who your state representatives and senators are using the "FIND MY LEGISLATORS" form on The Ohio Legislature home page at:

Follow the links to each legislator's name to find their individual contact information.

Want to get more involved? You can attend the 2nd Annual OBF Ohio Bicycling Summit! It's on April 22, 2015 in Columbus. More details and ticket purchase options can be found here.

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