Wednesday, March 4, 2015

TAKE ACTION: Thank our US Senators for Supporting Trails

Usually, when we or some cycling advocacy group is imploring you to take action, it's to ask your elected representatives for something--supporting a new law or amendment, voting down an amendment, approving funding for trails, etc.

Today, we're asking you to do the opposite. US Senators from Ohio, Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown, recently wrote separate letters in support of building a critical trail connection that would link Cincinnati’s downtown waterfront parks to regional and statewide trail networks. They know that trails are a safe place for walking and biking and an incredible return on investment for local communities, and they are stepping up to support this trail.

The trail connection in downtown Cincinnati is set to be built on an unused rail line and would create the final southern link to the Ohio River for the statewide Ohio to Erie Trail that runs to Lake Erie. The trail would take bicyclists off roads with fast-moving cars and provide a safe connection for commuters. It would also spur local economic development in the area and attract talented workers.

The regional transit authority that owns the rail line will soon make a decision whether to allow the trail, and the strong backing from Sens. Portman and Brown is a big boost for supporters on an issue that has been controversial.

Click here to THANK your Senators for standing up for trails in Ohio!

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