Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New products from BiKase for your iPhone 6+

The fine folks at BiKase have been providing us with popular smartphone holders for your bicycle for the past couple of years.
BiKase Handy Andy 5
The Handy Andy 5 is a weather-resistant smartphone case that can mount vertically or horizontally to your stem, handlebar, or frame using two easy stretchable velcro straps. The clear cover is touch-screen compatible, and the case fits the iPhone 6 and older models, plus many models of Android and other smartphones.
BiKase DriKase
The DriKase is also touch-screen compatible, with a fully waterproof case that can also mount vertically or horizontally. The single large velcro strap can be removed, so that you can use the DriKase as a phone holder in your pocket. Fits the iPhone 6 and other phones with 5-inch screens or less.

With the arrival last year of the iPhone 6+, BiKase stepped up to the plate with larger options to accommodate larger screens. The Handy Andy 6 has the same great features as the Handy Andy 5, and it fits the iPhone 6+, plus other larger smartphones (or "phablets"). Likewise, the DriKase XL gives you waterproof protection for the iPhone 6+ and other large phones.

All four of the above products are now in stock at all three Century Cycles stores! Plus, we have other great products from BiKase, such as the Beetle Top Tube/Stem Bag and the Alpine AL Clutch Purse/Top Tube Bag!

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