Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Product: Dumonde Tech Chain Lube

Spring time in Ohio is notorious for less than ideal biking conditions, residual salty streets, road grime and mud. Along with the changing seasons, comes a new chain lube to the Century Cycles family.

Dumonde Tech is among the elite of bicycle lubricants and grease, setting them apart from the rest with their unique polymer-based chain lube formula. The word "polymer" is a broad category, and can include materials such as nylon, salt, and yes, even wool. So, as you can imagine, getting them to tell us exactly what polymer they base their lubes on would be like getting McDonald's to tell us how to make Special Sauce. The key technology is that it’s a liquid plastic that turns into a solid plastic as you ride, and your chain’s metal parts work against each other to create pressure and small amounts of heat. This polymer is attracted to heat and will migrate aggressively towards it, unlike many oils that will move away from heat. Interestingly enough, when it reaches its solid state, the chain lube falls into the category of self lubricating plastics, creating a surface slicker than the typical Teflon chain lube.

Dumonde Tech offers two versions of this polymer-based lube, both having the same formula, only differing in concentration. The Dumonde Tech Original formula (suggested for mountain bikes and poor weather conditions) and the Dumonde Tech Lite formula (suggested for road bikes and good weather conditions). Dumonde Tech also offers a full line of high-end lubricants and greases, including MR Grease (for bearings and suspension parts), Liquid Grease, Free-hub oil/grease, and even environmentally friendly biodegradable chain lube.

Stop into Century Cycles and pick up some Dumonde Tech lubricants to keep your ride running smooth for miles and miles to come!

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