Monday, February 2, 2015

The Plain Dealer's Zachary Lewis tries a snow bike

Zachary Lewis, the fitness reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, came down to the Century Cycles store in Peninsula last week to try out a rental snow bike. He wrote about the great experience he had for yesterday's edition, which you can read online here.

Highlights include:

"...the thing I really couldn't get over was what I was doing: riding over unevenly packed snow and through fresh powder several inches deep like they were nothing. Not once did I slip or even have the fear of sliding. On a mountain bike, I'm a nervous Nellie, but on a "fat" machine, I was Mr. Confident. It was exhilarating. ... For that, I have only the bike itself to thank."

"My Salsa-brand "Mukluk" plowed through winter's worst as securely as the Hummer I hired last summer in Utah rode up and down steep, slippery rock."

He even posted a short video of his ride on the Towpath Trail:

Click here if the video above is not appearing for you.

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