Friday, February 6, 2015

The Fly6 Tail-light Video Camera has got your back!

It's a taillight! It's a video camera! It's BOTH!

The Fly6 HD Video Camera & Taillight by Cycliq gives you a bright, flashing, LED, USB-rechargeable taillight, with the quality you'd expect in any taillight.

Plus, it's got an integrated 720p HD video camera built-in!

Everyone hopes that they're never involved in an on-road altercation, but if you are, the Fly6 will keep a record of what went on behind you, to help prove who's right and who's wrong.

The Fly6 comes with an 8-gigabyte Class 10 microSD memory card, which provides about 2 hours of recording time. When the memory fills up, the Fly6 automatically loops, so you've always got the last 2 hours of your ride recorded!

You also get a USB charging cable, and a mounting kit that lets you place the Fly6 on the seatpost of just about any bicycle.

We just received a batch of the new version 2 of the Fly6 ($249.99), now in stock at all three Century Cycles stores! Version 2 improves on the original Fly6 with a smaller, more durable unit that doubles the taillight brightness of the original Fly6. We still have 1 of the original Fly6 HD Video Camera & Taillight available ($159.99), too!
The original Fly6 Video Camera Taillight (left) and the
new version 2 of the Fly6 Video Camera Taillight (right)
Here's a test video we made, using the Fly6 while riding around on Detroit Avenue near our Rocky River store:

Click here if the video above is not appearing for you.

You can see more sample videos on the Cycliq Fly6 web site!

Tom Livingston, a multi-media journalist for News Channel 5 (and a cyclist himself!), thinks the Fly6 HD Video Camera & Taillight will be a game-changer for riders here in NE Ohio and world wide, so much so that he thought fit to mention it in a recent online article. Click here to read it!

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