Friday, January 2, 2015

The Science of CycleOps Trainers

Happy New Year! Many of you may be heading to the gym to get a good start on your New Year's fitness resolutions. If you'd like to be able to ride your own bike, but aren't the type to head outside during cold weather, then an indoor bike trainer is for you! This device converts your own bicycle into a stationary bike.

CycleOps is the leader is indoor trainer technology. Our last video from CycleOps told you about the history of the company and their made-in-the-USA quality.

Their latest video is "The Science of CycleOps Trainers," and explains the scientific principles that go into indoor trainer design:

Click here if the video above is not appearing for you.

Century Cycles carries the CycleOps Magneto and CycleOps Fluid2 trainers. Stop in for a demonstration! Don't worry if you've never used an indoor trainer before; we'll explain all the ins and outs and show you how to set your bike up on one!

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