Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dialing in the tire pressure on your fat bike

Meiser 30psi Presta-Valve Dial Gauge with Pressure Relief
So, you've taken the leap and purchased your first snow bike. Maintaining the correct air pressure is critical to maximizing performance and pleasure on any bike ride. With the low pressures of fat bike tires, even a half-pound can make all the difference. But look at the built-in gauge on your floor pump--it barely registers anything less than 20psi!

The solution is this handy Meiser 30psi Presta-Valve Dial Gauge with Pressure Relief. Low range for dialing in fat bike pressures on varied terrain. Helps to fine tune tire pressure for the ultimate in performance. Compact design fits easily into handlebar or seat packs. In stock now at Century Cycles!

What pressure should you have in your snow bike tires? If you're riding on pavement, pump them up near the max around 15-18psi. For mountain biking on dirt, about 8psi is a common sweet spot. For packed snow, go with 7psi. For fresh deep snow, you can go as low as 5-6psi for the best floatation and traction.

Rider weight and varying snow or dirt conditions will require some adjustments to the above pressures. If you're less than 140 pounds, you can drop a pound or so in your tire pressure. If you're over 200 pounds, add a pound or so to your tire pressures. In the end, your experimentation and experience in different conditions will be best in finding what works best for you.

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