Friday, November 21, 2014

Visit our Winter Cycling Wonderland in Peninsula!

We have transformed the Century Cycles store in Peninsula into a Winter Cycling Wonderland! Here you'll find our widest selection of snow bikes from Salsa Cycles, plus an array of special-purpose cold-weather cycling gear to keep you riding year-round!

Cold hands and feet are the most common complaints for winter cyclists. We've got both covered, with innovative products from cold-weather cycling gurus 45North.

The Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boots are the warmest bike-specific shoes on the planet. A waterproof-breathable outer shell, Primaloft Eco Gold 200-gram insulation, NASA-approved aerogel insole, and SPD-compatible Vibram sole all combine to keep the elements out and your warm toes in!

Handlebar mittens, or "pogies" as they are called, wrap around your hand grips and allow you to wear thin gloves on your hands to keep your dexterity for braking and shifting. The 45North Cobrafist Pogies feature Primaloft Eco Gold 400-gram insulation, and bar-end plugs to keep them at the correct angle and hold them in place securely.

Also available from 45North are a range of studded winter tires, and winter headwear, such as the Lung Cookie wool balaclava and Greazy wool cycling cap.

Of course, if you'd like to check any of these products out in our other two stores (Medina or Rocky River), just give us a call, and we'll be happy to send them to the store most convenient for you at no extra cost or obligation on your part!

New to winter biking? We have snow bikes for rent in Peninsula also! Go to for details!

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