Monday, November 17, 2014

Cargo cages expand your on-bike storage options

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If you're an owner of a Surly or Salsa snow bike or off-road touring bike, have you ever wondered what the set of three bolts on the edge of your fork are for? You can use them for mounting extra water bottle cages, but the 3-bolt pattern is also designed to accommodate the Salsa Anything Cage.

The Anything Cage is like an oversized water bottle cage. It lets you carry, well, just about anything, as the name implies. Most commonly, for bike-packing, it's the perfect size to hold your sleeping bag or sleeping pad. It comes with a pair of straps to hold whatever you're carrying in place.

Use a waterproof stuff sack (not included) to keep you stuff safe from the elements. A 5-liter sack is about the right size.
Coincidentally, the Anything Cage is also about the right size to hold a growler of beer, or any large jug of your favorite hot or cold beverage.

Blackburn Design is also getting into the alternative gear-carrying game with their Outpost Cargo Cage. Like the Salsa Anything Cage, it comes with a pair of straps to hold your stuff in place; the straps have a silicone backing for good grippy-ness. The Outpost Cage fits on any standard 2-bolt bottle cage mount. There are three sets of mounting holes on the cage so you can fine-tune the position of the cage to match your frame or cargo size. Use it to carry your camping gear, or your coffee thermos or oversize water bottle!

Both the Salsa Anything Cage and the Blackburn Outpost Cargo Cage have a capacity of about 9 pounds each. Both are in stock now at all three Century Cycles stores!

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