Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why Bikepack? The latest film from Salsa Cycles

The newest short film produced by Salsa Cycles is called Why Bikepack? It shares the story of a fall 2013 bikepacking trip and the motivations of one of the riders, Mike "Kid" Reimer, marketing guy for Salsa.

Bikepacking is a term used to refer to a relatively new style of bicycle touring, where to save weight, you use frame packs and oversized seat and handlebar bags to carry your stuff, instead of traditional racks and panniers. The Salsa Fargo is Salsa's bicycle designed specifically for bikepacking, although just about any bike can be adapted for this style of travel.

The film captures the love of cycling and the outdoors for anyone, though, whether you are a bikepacker, traditional bike touring, commuter, racer, or just enjoy riding along!

Click here if the video above is not appearing for you.

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