Wednesday, October 22, 2014

National Bike Challenge Wrap-Up

The National Bike Challenge concluded for another year on September 30. Most importantly, Cleveland BEAT Pittsburgh to bring the Rust Cup back to Northeast Ohio!

Here's a breakdown of the stats showing how Cleveland came out ahead of Pittsburgh:

Cleveland: 710,801; Pittsburgh: 526,217
Cleveland: 1,472,702; Pittsburgh: 1,197,401
Cleveland: 1,609; Pittsburgh: 1,218

We'll have to stay on our toes and sign up even more riders next year, because Pittsburgh will be gunning for us!

In our local competition, Team Century Cycles ended up in 6th place in the region. Thanks to all of our friends, customers, and staff who rode for our team!

In the local workplace competition, Century Cycles was NUMBER ONE!

A big thanks once again to EVERYONE who participated in the challenge--it was a true team effort!

Even though there is no "I" in "team," there is an "I" in "Krista," and we have to recognize her significant contribution! Krista McNamee, the cycling superstar from the Century Cycles store in Rocky River, was the NUMBER ONE FEMALE rider in the Cleveland area, the NUMBER TWO rider overall, and NUMBER 46 nationally!
During the Challenge period, Krista biked an incredible 7,064 miles for a total of 10,104 points! Way to go, Krista!

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