Friday, October 31, 2014

Cleveland Metroparks implementing new mountain bike trail alert system

In order to keep the Cleveland Metroparks mountain biking trails sustainable and in the best condition possible, the park is implementing a new system to alert riders of whether the trails are open or closed.

Before heading out to the mountain bike trail, check the status at:

The status page has been implemented for the Royalview Trail in the Mill Stream Run Reservation in Strongsville. Implementation for the Bedford Singletrack and the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation Mountain Bike Trail are coming soon.

Secondly, look for these signs near the entrance to each park where mountain bike trails are located:
Please be patient as this new system is implemented, and keep in mind that it is being done with the help of dedicated volunteers. The web site may not be updated before the on-site signs are updated, and vice-versa. If you check the web site and it says the trail is open, but you get there and the signs say it's closed, then respect the signs. Those not respecting trail closures can be subject to a citation.

Also, be a conscientious trail user. Even if the trail is not officially closed, if it's actively raining, or just after a heavy rain, or the trail is obviously wet and sloppy, stay off!

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